As I mentioned on the subreddit, I contacted Wikia asking for clarification on their content restrictions. I got the reply earlier today, and here it is:

"It's very difficult to write about AIF or H-games on Wikia. Our policy on explicit images and text is, as I'm sure you have seen, at and - and these do llimit the amount of information on such games that can be added to Wikia.
"The case you describe is somewhat borderline, but any direct links to pornography are not allowed. If the link were to, say, an official page about the game, or another non-explicit but connected site that also contained porn, that would be okay. But a link that went directly to explicit content would not.
"As I say, the line here is a difficult one to see, but in general I would suggest keeping to the milder side of the scale.
"Sannse Carter Cushway
"Wikia Community Support"
Obviously, this presents a bit of a problem. If we can't link directly to games in the vast majority of cases, then the usefulness of this site will be rather limited.

Welcome to the Adult Interactive Fiction WikiaEdit

Adult Interactive Fiction is, as the name implies, Interactive Fiction (aka text adventures) written with adult content which is usually sexual in nature. Over the years, the distinction between pure AIF (text-only) and other games with adult themes has blurred. Many recent AIF games have started including graphics, and some have moved to incorporate ideas and functionality normally associated with dating simulators and visual novels.

The intention of this wiki is to provide resources for both playing and developing AIF, which includes accessible lists of published games and resources for writing new stories.


AIF stands for Adult Interactive Fiction. Interactive fiction is a fancy name for the text adventures that were commercially successful back in the early 1980s, and which have since spawned many hobbyist communities. Therefore, AIF is an adult (ie. sexually explicit) text adventure.

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