The Content of an AIF usually refers to which sexual acts the game covers. This is usuallt classified in three ways: The gender of the player character, the grouping of genders engaging in sexual actions, and any fetishes the game may contain.

Player Gender Edit

Besides the two main options of male and female player character (PC), games can also switch between the two, or have the gender of the PC change during play.

  • A list of games where the player is male.
    A list of games where the player is female.

Gender Groupings Edit

A game can contain various scenes with different combinations of actors, so several of the groupings may apply.

  • mf: Male-Female; normal heterosexual content.
  • mm: Male-Male
  • ff: Female-Female
  • mmf: Two males and a female

Fetishes Edit

Fetishes are not always easy to categorize in a story, but the following are the categories this Wiki tries to identify:

  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeruism
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