To create a new game page, select 'Add a page' from the Contribute menu at top right (you could also click on a link to a page that is yet to be created).

You will get a pop up asking you to confirm that you want to create a new page. Click 'Add a page'.

The new page should open for editing. Open the source editor and paste in the following:

   |name =
   |image =
   |author = 
   |release = 
   |system = 
   |language = English
   |graphics = 
   |sound = 
   |PC = 
   |content = 
<!--insert any introductory material here; delete any of the following headings that you don't use--> 
 == Plot synopsis ==
<!--summarise the plot; please avoid any spoilers--> 
 == Notes ==
<!--any additional information relating to the game--> 
 == Awards ==
<!--list any awards won by the game--> 
 == Download ==
<!--provide download link--> 
 == Reviews ==
<!--link to review if appropriate--> 
 == Walkthroughs ==
<!--link to walkthrough if appropriate--> 

This provides the basic framework for the page.

The GameInfobox fields are described below

   |name = (the name of the game; this will default to the page title if left blank)
   |image = (file name of image)
   |author = (name of author; remember to add link)
   |release = (release date, eg. 19 December 2012)
   |system = (authoring system; remember to add link)
   |language = English
   |graphics = (does the game have graphics)
   |sound = (does the game have sound)
   |PC = (is the PC male or female)
   |content = (content descriptors, eg. mf, mff, voyeur)

Add any additional information under the appropriate heading.

Add categories relating to the authoring system (eg. TADS 2 Game) and protagonist (eg. Game with male PC)

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