The original Erins went on hiatus after the Erins 2009 due to the drop in the number of games being released. They made a return for the Erins 2014.

Voting for the Erins 2014 started 31 January 2015 and finished at 1200 GMT on 15 February 2015.

Results Edit

Game of the Year

1st - Emily: Sister Attraction by Palmer
2nd - Magician's Nephew by Mister Flibble
3rd - Master of the House by Minterlint

Honourable mention: Circles of Desire by CassgamesStudy Date by Karrek 

Best New Author

1st - Palmer
2nd - Mister Flibble
3rd - Minterlint

Honourable mention: BrokenKnightX, Cassgames

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