Part of the Gifts of Phallius series:

Plot synopsis Edit

The world of Eros is in danger yet again, and playing as both Princess Dania, who now carries the Gift of Phallius, and a Captain in the army. You need to find the Great Positions to seal away the evil that is threatening the land.

Notes Edit

The game alternates between two PCs: the Captain (who can be named by the player), and Dania, the daughter of Princess Alicia and the PC from the first game.

Remarkably, this was the third game that GoblinBoy released in 2006.

Awards Edit

Erins 2006: Winner of Best Female PC (Dania), Best Male PC (Captain), Best Female NPC (Kalia), Best M/F Sex Scene (Captain/Kalia), Best Lesbian Sex Scene (Dania/Yulia), Best Sex Overall, Best Writing, Best Technical Implementation, Most Innovative Game, Best Gameplay/Puzzles, Best Use of Multimedia, and Best Game of the Year.

Runner-up for Best Male NPC (Mildew Saggins), Best Humour.

Nominated for Best Lesbian Sex Scene (Dania/Kalia)

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Review by Grimm Sharlak

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Walkthrough by Xavier Hawk

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