An expanded version of the original Last Horizon, which was GoblinBoy's entry in the AIF Minicomp 2011.

Plot synopsis Edit

The year is 2367. The USE Last Horizon, a deep space mining and cargo freighter is on a mission to a distant asteroid. The crew take turns doing active shifts, spending the rest of the 2 year mission in cryosleep, a state of suspended animation.

You are the Chief Security Officer on the Last Horizon. You had a shift on the outbound journey, and are expecting to have a second shift, near the end of the journey home.

Unfortunately, events are about to occur which will awaken you from your cryosleep earlier than expected...

Notes Edit

This version has more locations and interactive sex scenes than the original (since it is no longer restricted by the rules of the minicomp).

To increase the mystery, the Director's Cut also randomises who the murderer is, as well as a number of other plot elements. It is possible to select which plot elements you want by using a bonus code at the start of the game. There is also a code that allows you to browse all of the pictures during the game.

Awards Edit

Erins 2011: Honourable mention for Game of the Year

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Walkthroughs Edit

Walkthrough by ExLibris

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