The first in a series of four games released by One-Eyed Jack:

Plot synopsis Edit

Your name is Sam Shooter, and you are a seventeen year old senior attending highschool in a backwoods town in rural Maine while holding a job delivering pizza for the local Pizza Pagoda franchise. With only a few days left in the school year, and failing more than a few classes, you know you have little time to straighten your life out and pass your classes before your parents return from vacation and send you off to join the priesthood. You have just awoken and dressed for school, getting up in time for once in your sad existence.

Notes Edit

Uncommon verbs that may be used:

  • hit <target> with bat
  • photograph <target>

It is possible to complete the game without interacting in any sexual scenes if you desire.

Awards Edit

Erins 2002:

  • Runner Up for Best Humour in a New Age Game

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Reviews Edit

Review by Detritus

Walkthroughs Edit

Walkthrough by Smooth Monkey

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