The second in a series of four games released by One-Eyed Jack:

Plot synopsis Edit

Sam again takes to adventure, this time driving his beloved mustang to a cabin in the woods in search of his kidnapped sister, Laurie. A vortex there will lead him to the medieval fantasy world of Orgasmia where he will meet a dryad, a dragon, and a sorceress - among others - as he looks for his sister.

Notes Edit

The use of greet <target> must be used on a character before they will interact or speak with you.

Uncommon verbs that may be used in the game:

  • invite <target> : use to ask a character to join your party; this will not work with everyone
  • dismiss <target> : use to remove a character from your party; not everyone will leave at the time of asking
  • cut <target> : as expected, used to cut something; requires a tool
  • throw <object> to <target>
  • hit <target> with <object>
  • pull <object>
  • push <object>

Awards Edit

Erins 2002:

  • Best Male PC in a New Age Game (Sam Shooter)
  • Best Male NPC in a New Age Game (Lothar)
  • Best Supporting Female NPC in a New Age Game (Laurie)
  • Best Threesome or Orgy in a New Age Game

Honorable Mention:

  • Best New Age Game

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Reviews Edit

Reviews by Knight Errant, S. Welland, A. Bomire, and A. Ninny

Walkthroughs Edit

Walkthrough by Smooth Monkey