The second in a series of four games released by One-Eyed Jack:

Plot synopsis Edit

After moving to a new place with his sisters, Sam finds himself waking up in a dumpster after a late night party at the local sorority. What's worse is that his car is missing! Take to the city in search of his ride, taking time to have a little fun along the way.

Notes Edit

!!! WARNING !!! Dropping your car keys before driving to a new location and then exiting the car will leave you trapped, unable to get back inside your vehicle, forcing you to restart or load a game before dropping the keys.

The use of greet <target> must be used on a character before they will interact or speak with you.

Uncommon verbs that may be used in the game:

  • drive car
  • bet <target>
  • change <target>
  • throw <object> to <target>
  • hit <target> with <object>
  • pull <object>
  • push <object>

Awards Edit

Erins 2003:

  • Best Male PC (Sam Shooter)
  • Best Female NPC (Keesha)
  • Best Sex Overall
  • Best Humour
  • Best Damn Game Period


  • Best M/F Scene (3rd Place - Sam & Sarah)
  • Best Story (2nd Place)
  • Best Use of Medium (3rd Place)
  • Best Puzzles (2nd Place)

Download Edit (244 kb)

Walkthroughs Edit

Walkthrough by Mad Mauler

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