The third game in the School Dreams series (the others being School Dreams: The Camping Trip and School Dreams 2: Forfeit Fantasy).

Plot synopsis Edit

School Dreams 3 takes place less than a month after Camping Trip (the first game in the series). As a result of the PC either winning or losing the bet in that game, Mike wants the PC to have sex with Molly, Mike's sister. Meanwhile, Becky (the PC's girlfriend) is having second thoughts about their open relationship...

Notes Edit

The game that made GoblinBoy into a superstar. It's not hyperbole to say that the release of School Dreams 3 changed the world of AIF. There had been games with graphics before, but none of them had the quantity and quality of SD3. There had been big games before, but none of with the level of interactivity and replayability of SD3. Still considered one of the greatest AIF games of all time.

SD3 includes a 'limit' command which allows the player to specify what kinds of content appear in the game. This includes the option to enable underage, nc, rape, incest, and bestiality.

A.Bomire wrote the daydream scenes for Miss Holloway, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Stevens and the cheerleaders.

Awards Edit

Erins 2009

  • Winner of Best PC, Best NPC (Alison), Best One-on-One Sex Scene (PC/Becky), Best Threesome/Orgy (PC/Molly/Becky), Hottest Game, Best Use of Multimedia, Best Technical Implementation, Best Writing, Most Innovative or Original Game, Best Gameplay and/or Puzzles, Best Game of the Year.
  • Placed 2nd for Best NPC (Becky)

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SD3.rar (Multimedia version; 43 MB)
SD3-textonly.rar (Text-only version; 741 kb).

Unofficial SD3 Patch by truemechasonic

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Review by ExLibris

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Walkthrough by ExLibris

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