The first game in the School Dreams series (the others being School Dreams 2: Forfeit Fantasy and School Dreams 3: School Dreams Forever)

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The PC and his best friend Mike decide to go on a camping trip with their girlfriends, Becky and Melissa.

Notes Edit

The first game GoblinBoy started writing, but the second he released.

Awards Edit

Erins 2006

  • Winner of Best Male NPC (Mike), Best Threesome/Orgy (PC/Mike/Becky/Melissa).
  • Runner-up for Best Male PC, Best Female NPC (Becky), Best Sex Overall.
  • Nominated for Best Female NPC (Melissa), Best M/F Sex Scene (PC/Melissa), Best Technical Implementation, Most Innovative Game, Best Gameplay/Puzzles, Best Use of Multimedia, and Best Game of the Year.

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Review by ExLibris

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